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DIY adjustable height garden bed [Table of contents below]

interlocking raised vege box

Note: This is the metric version. The standard (ft and inch) version can bee seen here.
This version is suited for Australasia, the standard version is suited for North America.

A versatile garden box with many uses and easy to move around - you can make it any height you like.
It would make an ideal potato box where the height of the box can be expanded as the potatoes grow - of course, that is only one of it's capable uses.

This particular box is 1200 mm square but you can make one any size you like and as high or low as you like.

For this project I used 25mm x 150mm boards (actual size). You can also use a thicker and/or wider board - just make sure you use a wood that will not rot given its use.
Use either a natural decay resistant wood or a treated wood. ACQ treated wood is considered acceptable.
Some treated woods may release harmful chemicals into the soil and into the plants. Your wood supplier should be able to advise you on the best type of wood to use.
If you have any concerns you can always put plastic sheet between the boards and the soil.


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