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DIY cross legged Picnic Table [Table of contents below]

cross-leg table and bench

A decent size solid wooden table with a separate bench seat. Following are the plans and instructions on 'how to build it'.

Note: This is the metric (mm) version. There is another version in standard (ft and inch) (mm) dimensions that can be viewed here.
This version is suited for Australasia, the standard version is suited for North America.


Having built and tried many different styles of picnic or garden tables, from the folding versions to the more traditional type with fixed seating (all can be seen at buildeazy.com), I have come to the conclusion that the separate stand alone table accompanied by stand alone benches are the best.
They tend to be more practicable, comfortable (as you can move the bench in or out to suit), and in my humble opinion they just look so much better in a garden. Maybe I'm just over folding picnic tables or tables with fixed seats because to be honest, I have never found them to be that comfortable - in most cases you really have to be the right size in order to fit them, as they aren't adjustable.

picnic table and bench with crossed legs

Here is a design that I think is ideal for a garden or lawn. It's a stand alone cross-leg table 2m long by 770mm wide. There is a separate bench 2m long by 384mm wide, which is a good width (wider than most).

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